Consent to the processing of my personal data

Pursuant to Federal Law “Personal Data” No. 152-FZ dated July 27, 2006 (hereinafter, Federal Law No. 152), the User gives and confirms its consent to Foodadvice Limited Liability Company (primary state registration number (OGRN): 1207700456391, address: 101, Prospect Mira, building 1, floor 4, pom. I, room. 14, Office 150, Moscow 129085, Russian) and to partners to his/her personal data processing for registration at and for receipt of Services on the website, and for subscription to the Website’s news according to the Privacy Policy.

The User’s provision of his/her personal data to the Administration shall be regarded as specific, informed and conscious consent given by the personal data owner or the legal representative of an underage personal data owner (the User) to processing of the User’s personal data by the Administration. The Customer gives this consent with respect to himself/herself or to an underage User freely, through his/her own will and his/her own interests.

he personal data means:

surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, delivery address, contact information (telephone, email); details of the order(s) for the Company’s services (history of orders), the number(s) of the order(s), details on the degree of satisfaction with the Company’s performance of the contract; type of the device from which the websites or mobile applications administered/ used by the Company are accessed; type of the browser using which the websites or mobile applications administered/ used by the Company are accessed; geoposition; details of the address(-es) of my account(s) in social media; details provided by the personal data owner in his/her own account(s) in the social media, except for those referred by law to the special personal data category and the biometric personal data; details on the degree of satisfaction with the Company’s products/services; on preferences as concerns the Company’s goods, services offered by the Company; details of actions on websites, in mobile applications administered/ used by the Company; details in the feedback on the Company, the Company’s goods/ services (in particular, in the feedback provided by telephone, email, in sms). User’s data provided when payment is made on the website. The personal data processing goals as part of this consent are: performance of obligations by the Administration (Contractor) under concluded contracts (in particular, issue of orders, provision of Services and delivery of the Company’s goods); administration of users’ personal accounts on the website and in the mobile application; getting the feedback on the Company’s goods/ services (in particular, via sms, email messages, telephone calls) and subsequent review of obtained data; provision of additional information on the Company (in particular, on its business, sold goods/ services) via sms, email messages, telephone calls, if the user’s subscription is available; market study and analysis (in particular, by monitoring of actions on the websites, in mobile applications the Company uses); determination of the need for taking efforts and their format (in particular, incentive efforts in the nature of advertising) for the purposes of promo events of the Website Administration and for publication of Users’ feedback, pictures and video content from the events with the Users’ participation. The person who provided the personal data shall be liable for the legitimacy and reliability of the User’s personal data. The Administration shall not assume any obligations to verify the personal data indicated by Users. This consent shall be valid indefinitely. If the personal data provided by the User is used wrongly this consent can be revoked at the User’s written request. The User hereby confirms that he/she examined the provisions of Federal Law No. 152 and the Privacy Policy. The User hereby consents to his/her and the User’s personal data processing by the Website Administration (the Service Provider) for provision of services and not contradicting Russian applicable law, according to the Federal Personal Data Law No. 152-FZ dated 27, July 2006. Personal data processing means taking any action (transaction) or a set of actions (transactions) with or without automation equipment, including the personal data collection, recording, classification, accumulation, storage, specification (updating, amendment), extraction, use, depersonalization, locking, removal, destruction, transfer (dissemination, making available, making accessible), including cross-border transfer of the personal data received by the Administration as part of service provision to such international payment systems as MasterCard Worldwide ,Visa International, Yandex.Cash Desk, Yandex.Money and the MIR National Payment System). If the User uses the data of third parties for the use of services or materials provided by the Site Administration, then the User appropriately confirms that he has familiarized the owner of personal data with the Privacy Policy and received written consent from them for the transfer and processing of personal data by the Site Administration as part of the provision of services or services of the Site in accordance with applicable law. Also, the User hereby consents to the use of videos and photographs of Users, reviews, results of intellectual activity created by the User in the course of events carried out by the Contractor indicating the last name, name and age, position of the Users’ place of work by publishing on the Contractor’s website or on the Contractor’s social networks, the Internet both on the territory of the Russian Federation and on the territory of the whole world without providing a report to the User and without payment of remuneration.