We develop the skill of thinking through game

FoodAdvice – game-educational platform for high school

FoodAdvice courses are built according to the syllabus of Cambridge International AS and A level Thinking Skills 9694 and Business 9609

Why is it necessary to develop thinking?

The world has changed a lot, today we cannot master one skill and use it successfully throughout life – this is impossible, because everything is changing very and very quickly. Today’s reality requires a person to constantly learn and master new things, and one of the key skills for this is the skill of thinking.

Our mission

Prepare children and adolescents for an independent and fulfilling life in the 21st century

FoodAdvice is a unique platform with educational courses, passing of which will allow teenagers to develop thinking and form “soft skills” in the format they are used to - in the format of a game.

Стань фуд-предпринимателем

Become a food entrepreneur


Englishs speaking learners can take FoodAdvice course in russian so they get russian language speaking practice

What is the uniqueness of Elon Musk and Bill Gates?

According to Ray Dalio, usually people are divided into those who have a developed imagination, but they are not adapted to real life, and those who, on the contrary, are practical, but their imagination is limited. People like Elon Musk and Bill Gates combine both types, says founder of one of the world's largest hedge funds Bridgewater Associates.

Training on the FoodAdvice courses allows you to form the following skills

Ability to set up and achieve goals

Systems thinking




Team thinking

Ability to set up and achieve goals

Systems thinking



Sociability Sociability

Team thinking

9 out of 10 business leaders noted

According to surveys conducted by The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, nine in ten of the business leaders surveyed revealed they are more likely to employ a candidate who demonstrates achievements beyond grades, and those who show evidence of strong soft skills often progress quicker in the workplace.

FoodAdvice - is a blended learning that combines the power of online technology with human contact and live communication

FoodAdvice courses consist of a series of games and hands-on exercises that are performed on an online platform between games. Any activity-game in FoodAdvice can be held:

In person using the desktop
version of the game

Remotely using Zoom
and Tabletopia online platform


The FoodAdvice team provides technical and consulting support during the entire period of training on the platform.

Check out one of the first FoodAdvice courses, try the role of food entrepreneur and get an unique opportunity to make your own food product!

FoodAdvice works by combining the following principles

You cannot limit yourself to just consuming information, because knowledge will not become skills until that knowledge is actively applied in a practical context. FoodAdvice courses consist of a large number of interesting practical tasks that ensure the development of the acquired knowledge in practice.

Developing thinking skills is not a solitary process. Working collaboratively as part of a team to construct new learning and apply it is a much more effective approach, that reflects the real-world context. FoodAdvice courses are based on team interaction, which ensures active involvement in the educational process, increasing the efficiency with which new information is assimilated and skill formed.

Learning through games moves away from a traditional, didactic, transmission model of teaching to model built on quality dialogue between teacher and students in order to construct new skills and knowledge. In the format of a multiplayer game, in which classes are held at the FoodAdvice courses, the teacher acts as one of the participants who take an active part in the game, which in turn allows creating a community of students interested in the result and increasing the efficiency of the educational process.

“Children and teachers will make play a permanent part of education. This will improve the health and well-being of children and increase the chances of success in life. “Pasi Sahlberg, school reformer


Modern life cannot be complete without technology, and in this regard, the school does not stand still, being forced to master it due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, it was found that replicating traditional teaching methods online was ineffective. The main reason for the drop in efficiency lies in the complete lack of communication between students. FoodAdvice helps schools go through digital transformation and restore lost communication between students and teachers in the current environment.

“The tools available now are fantastic potential for improving education in almost all directions: the whole world can be transferred to the classroom, the main thing is to be able to use these technologies”Ken Robinson, British theorist, specialist in the field of human capital development


Anton, the creator of the FoodAdvice board game and student of Year 11 at Cambridge International School, shows his game to the school's educators

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Многие участники списка Forbes признаются, что в школе учились не очень хорошо, ноэто не помешало им.

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