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FoodAdvice – an educational game platform for high school

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FoodAdvice courses are built according to the syllabus of
Cambridge International AS and A level Thinking Skills 9694
and Business 9609

Why is it necessary to develop thinking skills?

The world has changed a lot, today we cannot master one skill and use it successfully throughout life – this is impossible, because everything is changing very quickly. Today’s reality requires a person to constantly learn and master new things, and one of the key skills for this is the skill of thinking.

Our Mission Prepare children and adolescents for an independent and fulfilling life in the 21st century
FoodAdvice is a unique platform with educational courses, taking of which will allow teenagers to develop thinking and form “soft skills” in a familiar format, that of a game

Englishs speaking learners can take FoodAdvice course in Russian so they get Russian language speaking practice

What is the uniqueness of Elon Musk and Bill Gates?

According to Ray Dalio, usually people are divided into those who have a developed imagination, but they are not adapted to real life, and those who, on the contrary, are practical, but their imagination is limited. People like Elon Musk and Bill Gates combine both types, says founder of one of the world's largest hedge funds Bridgewater Associates.


Training on the FoodAdvice courses allows you to form the following skills

Ability to set up and achieve goals

Systems thinking




Team thinking

9 out of 10 business leaders noted

According to surveys conducted by The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, nine in ten of the business leaders surveyed revealed they are more likely to employ a candidate who demonstrates achievements beyond grades, and those who show evidence of strong soft skills often progress quicker in the workplace.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

FoodAdvice - is a blended learning approach that combines the power of online technology with human contact and live communication

FoodAdvice courses consist of a series of games and hands-on exercises that are performed on an online platform between games. Any activity-game in FoodAdvice can be held:

In person using the desktop version of the game Order a game
Remotely using Zoom and Tabletopia online platform Play on Tabletopia
Remotely using Zoom and Tabletopia online platform Play on Tabletopia

The FoodAdvice team provides technical and consulting support during the entire period of training on the platform.

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FoodAdvice works by combining the following principles
Anton, the creator of the FoodAdvice board game and student of Year 11 at Cambridge International School, shows his game to the school's educators Get course

Feedback about FoodAdvice platform

“Schools master new technologies faster than online education itself has time to adapt to real educational tools. It became clear that the online classroom format does not quite work, and children find it difficult to learn new material without an element of socialization and play. The FoodAdvice game turned out to be a tool that helps schools move faster to a new format of blended learning and keep pace with the times on the path of digitalization of education”.

Ildar Ilyazov

Head of educational projects at the Cambridge International School

Feedback about FoodAdvice platform

"Even when life is limited by the four walls of the hospital, you can find a thing that unites and helps to set goals for the future. A wonderful example of such thing is the FoodAdvice game, which appeared in the lives of children undergoing long-term treatment. We are glad that educational environment of the federal project of russian hospital schools "UchimZnaem" is developing together with the leaders of blended learning and digitalization of education".

Sergey Sharikov

Head of the UchimZnaem project

Feedback about FoodAdvice platform

“I am sure that every modern school is looking for an answer to the question “How to educate and train flexible or soft skills in their students? ”The FoodAdvice project helped us to find the answer. This meta-subject game develops not only economic, marketing and business competence, but also helps to develop the skills of team interaction, leadership, negotiability. I am grateful to the creators of the project and I hope that every Russian school child will be able to try on the role of a food entrepreneur in the nearest future".

Yuri Verzhbitskiy

Head of Moscow school №2094

Feedback about FoodAdvice platform

"The game allows an adult to become a child for a while, return to childhood age again and thereby, perhaps, he will gain insights that will bring him a lot of money".

Mikhail Voronin

Founder of the Atlanty business club

Feedback about FoodAdvice platform

"The game is fascinating and makes you think - these two components make it interesting both for children and adults. Starting thinking is one of the main challenges of modern education. It is possible to involve students, create an atmosphere of joyful co-creation, form a state of "anticipation of knowledge" by gamifying the process of acquiring knowledge - and from this state and in this atmosphere give fundamental knowledge that will help solve the game problem. The FoodAdvice game is just about that! In addition to training, it develops teamwork skills and provides all the tools to increase motivation in learning."

Ekaterina Andreevskaya

Co-founder and creative director of KIDBURG

Feedback about FoodAdvice platform

"On the FoodAdvice course, the guys and I studied the food entrepreneurship system, I began to better understand how to promote my ideas and what methods are used to promote new food products. The most important thing is that the training took place in the format of a game, as well as in English, which is another plus, since I managed to practice the language. I think that FoodAdvice is a must for teenagers who want to learn to think critically and connect their future life with entrepreneurship".

Narmin Kyazumova

Student of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies

Feedback about FoodAdvice platform

"FoodAdvice is a game for both relaxation and development of important skills. In a matter of minutes, you can master the initial game rules and start playing with pleasure, further immersion into the game and learning through it opens the way to a successful fulfilling life. Students develop such skills like leadership, teamwork, creative thinking and solving non-standard problems. Those who want to win need to put a lot of effort, imagination and perseverance. This is a great combination to play, so both kids and parents and also teachers will love it".

Alexander Pogorelov

Head of Nebo Campus at the ILA Aspect School

Feedback about FoodAdvice platform

"A game that draws more and more every time you play it. There are such aspects like luck, creativity, but primarily thinking. It takes about an hour to play a full game, not a few hours or a couple of minutes, which I really like about this wonderful game".

Shamil Nasyrov

Graduate of the CIS International School, Ambassador of the CIS Alumni Association in Russia

Feedback about FoodAdvice platform

"FoodAdvice is an addictive game that develops basic knowledge in the field of economics and marketing. Taking part in the development of the project, I can confidently say that the developers have created an exciting educational tool in the form of a game with bright game characters and good design. I express my gratitude to everyone who participated in the project creation, and I hope that it will be successfully integrated into the school curriculum very soon".

Vladislav Zayukov

Student of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

Feedback about FoodAdvice platform

"I got to play in the FoodAdvice board game with four people, we were completely excited about game process and the game left unforgettable emotions. It was interesting to see how different tactics during products creation and promotion cause different results. This game is not just for fun, it creates excitement and inspires the competitive spirit in players. As a result, FoodAdvice perfectly deals with what you usually expect from a board game and at the same time it develops game participants."

Vladislav Ryabyuk

Co-founder and CEO of Britannia School

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